Workshops & Wooden Garages in West Sussex and Surrey

Why not invest in a workshop where you have the space to store your tools and an area to build something new? Or if you are a keen artist you can create a studio where you can become the next Picasso.

Just the job!

Like our shed range, workshops can be partitioned and are available with different roof styles, depending on what you prefer.

We offer a Pent style roof which has a high and low side or an apex design, which has at pitched point and slopes on both sides.

As well as roof styles we also offer a 'heavier duty' workshop which will withstand more 'wear and tear', or even a V8 engine hanging from a stand like at our Snowhill site!

Whatever you have in mind, garden buildings can help you create that vision. When customers order from us they can then also take advantage of our base laying service making the whole transaction smoother and in built into the cost.


For further information please contact us:

Woodcote Green (Surrey) Tel: 020 8773 2332