Snooker Loopy Garden Building!

Mr A came in a few years ago with a very specific building request in mind.

Every week Mr A and friends decided to play snooker and then go out for a few drinks after. As one of the friends needed to drive everyone to the bar everyone had to take this task in turn and become the 'designated driver'.

Mr A finally decided that instead of driving out to a snooker club and onwards, he would create the perfect 'lads room'. He then decided that Garden Buildings Snowhill might have the solution to his request.

This room needed to large enough to house a snooker table and have toilet facilities at the rear. After much discussions it was agreed the building would need to be fully lined and insulated, so it could be used all year round and also encompass a shed partition to include somewhere to house his ride on lawnmower.

Garden Buildings Snowhill were able to help Mr A design the perfect building around all his needs, without limitations or problems.



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